Dance 'Oro'

Learn to Dance 'Oro'

'Igraj Oro' is the first mobile application that will help you learn the traditional dance called Oro. You will be able to see high-quality videos performed by professional 'Oro' dancers, step-by-step guides on how to play the rounds, hear quality audio samples of how it all sounds and read what it is all about!

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  • Multi-language support
  • High quality videos
  • Audio samples of the rounds
  • Like, comment and share the content
  • Awesome application design
  • Server synchronization for an up-to-date content


  • Android or iOS device. Works both on Phone and Tablet
  • Android OS 2.1+ or iOS 5.1+
  • A couple of shots of 'Rakija'! :)

What the others are saying

  • Really cool app, neat design and has a ton of great videos. I really like "Pajdusko"!!
    - Ana
  • Супер апликација. Традиционалноста задржана, закон “Миленце на телевизорот ко кај баба ми“
    - Бошко

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